#850 Jemez Pueblo Angel Nativity

Acquired 2019

One of the tours we took while in Santa Fe, NM, for the Friends of the Crèche Convention, was to the Feast Day in the Jemez Pueblo out of Santa Fe. Their Feast Day was in honor of their patron saint, San Diego, and it was like a huge Indian Native Pueblo Craft Fair with authentic native dancing and a feast in a private home in which we were not allowed to pay or bring anything. Each pueblo (village area) has its own Feast Day – much like our little towns have street fairs. Once I had a comprehension of the different pueblos in the New Mexico, area each with their identifiable names, cultures, lifestyles, and distinct art designs, I started paying close attention to the artists that were from that pueblo we were visiting – Jemez Pueblo. While visiting Susan Weber’s Christmas Shop in Santa Fe, I was instructed on the many specific nativities from the different pueblos. I wanted a nativity specifically from the Jemez Pueblo. I was directed to a piece designed and made by Angel Bailon from Jemez Pueblo. Made from the red clay, typical of the Southwestern area, the angel is marked with the traditional Jemez markings with the Southwestern style Holy Family nestled within the skirt of the angel. My purchase price was $130.