#568 God with Us Nativity

Acquired 2010

I found this nativity at the 4-H Breakfast silent auction in November 2010. It was donated by Amanda Niemeyer as a sales representative of a home-based party plan by Blessing, Unlimited. Its purchase price is $78. I bought it for $40. Helen Marchy was “bidding me up” until she realized it was me, she was bidding against. Knowing about my collection, she dropped out allowing it to be mine! Each piece of the set is inscribed with words of Scripture that remind us of the amazing gift God gave us through the birth of His Son. My set has the words Emmanuel, Love and Cherish. The plexi-glass backdrop uses the Scripture verse Isaiah 9:6. The reference inside the manger is John 3:16. The pieces have elegant lines in rich, warm neutral colors and are sculpted in light-weight resin.