#770 Acrylic Water Globe Candle

Acquired 2016

This elegant lighted water globe was made exclusively for Cracker Barrel. Distributed by CBOCS Distribution, Inc. of Lebanon, TN. Mark and Laurie found it on their visit to Cracker Barrel on their way home from Scottsdale, AZ, with Joe and Janine, having celebrated Jordan's 21st birthday in Scottsdale.This elegant 12” high candle is a glistening snowcapped piece at the top and is housed in a sparkly silver base with an on and off switch. The main cylinder of the candle is gold and brown toned depicting the Holy Family in the stable, with two shepherds and the three kings coming to worship the Baby Jesus. What makes this lighted snow globe piece most unique is the nativity display floats in the water! Incredible. Thank you so much, Mark and Laurie. Purchased November 6, 2016, purchase price, $29.99.