#386 Calico Cottage Handmade Nativity

Acquired 2004

I saw this darling handmade cloth nativity at Big Valley's craft fair in November 2004. I decided I would look around before I purchased it, and then I ran into my sister Carole, who was also at the craft fair. She asked me, “Did you see any nativities?” I said, “Oh yes, I saw a cute little cloth one over there when you came in the door.” She said, “You didn't buy it did you?” I said, “No, not yet. You know me, I have to look around first.” She then handed me a package and said, “Merry Christmas.” This eleven-piece, handmade set was crafted by Carla Morelini who lives in Modesto. We also saw this exact same nativity at the Sonora Craft fare late in November and sure enough, it was made by the same lady; it was her booth again. These precious handmade figures are expressionless and darned in appropriate clothing for a country look.