#731 LED Globe

Acquired 2015

Many people ask me if I have duplicates and my answer is no. However, now I have a duplicate. I actually received two of the elegant 6” LED globes within the last two years - my previous 2013 Nativity Open House and this 2015 Nativity Open House.One was a gift to me two years ago from Griselda Luna and her daughter as they attended the Open House. And this year I received another one from our nephew, Darrell Marchant. Darrell has been a blessing to me especially in that he is willing to come to my aid as a helper anytime I call him! He helped this Nativity Open House as a host for the entire last day of the showing. He likes to cook and make goodies. This year he shared his flourless peanut butter cookies with our Open House guests. Thank you, Griselda and Darrel for these revolving color LED crystal globes.