#39 Indian Nativity

Acquired 1991

I found this set at Pennie's first Poultry and Dairy Festival in Turlock on September 7, 1991. I purchased the set at a craft booth from the Japanese girl that painted the set. Her name is Toshika Medeiros, and she lives in Turlock. She is related to someone from our church, but I have forgotten who that was. The 18-piece set includes the Indian teepee, Indian Mary & Joseph, papoose Baby Jesus, three Indian kings and two shepherds, one girl and one boy. There are also three horses, a buffalo, bear, and a fox! Also included are three cacti. Her nickname as indicated on some pieces is Toshi. She had painted two other sets, and this was her third one. After giving me a price break, I paid $75 for the set.