#544 Four-Piece Plaque Nativity

Acquired 2009

While visiting Wickenburg Days in Wickenburg, AZ on a RV trip with Betty and Jerry Skidgel, the ladies decided to go shopping “downtown”! That very few, quaint, small stores! We were in a little shop called Sweet Somethings and What Knots smelling all the candles, when I noticed around the corner toward the back of the store in a little nook, a non-completed picture of the nativity - it appeared the edges of the picture were missing! The store owner Cathy Fitzpatrick, who displayed her study Bible at the store counter and was an obvious born-again Christian, heard my comments and came back to the nook to explain it was one of four plaques. She pulled out the other three plaques and it formed this beautiful display including the Luke 2:10 Scripture verse. Even though I wasn't shopping for nativities in February, I felt it was a must to add to my collection. Purchased, February 2009 - $79.00 for all four pieces.