#103 Bethlehem Nativity

Acquired 1994

Purchased in November 1994, from my hosted Christmas Around the World home party, this Bethlehem Nativity recreates part of the old town of Bethlehem as it may have looked 2,000 years ago. Having been there in 1990 and 1992, the Inn of this set looks very much like the current buildings in Bethlehem. The cave would have been hewn out of the rocks against the Bethlehem hills, and the Stable Cave we visited was similar to this Stable - without the wall and door. This set includes the Stable, Inn, Tree, and 13 figurines. The resin star atop the Stable lights to cast a soft glow over the scene. All pieces are hand-painted polystone. It also includes an 18-note music box which is wound and placed under the set and plays “O Little Town of Bethlehem”. Purchase price $55.80.