#829 Guatemala Beaded

Acquired 2018

While working in my garage on November 24. 2018, I heard a voice calling and I responded with, “I’m in here!” To my surprise a lady appeared and said she attended our Open House in 2017 and had mentioned to me that she was going to Guatemala this year and would bring me a nativity directly from their country! She didn’t forget even though I certainly did. She was there in the summertime and, like everyone else, was busy and too many days were passing by, and she hadn’t brought the set to me. She announced to her husband that this day she was going to just make time to come to our home and trust we would be there! And I was. She is Elizabeth Martinez from Modesto. I had to ask her name again and she said Elizabeth – just like Queen Elizabeth and shared with me that she was born June 2, 1950, the exact date that Queen Elizabeth was crowned! Therefore, she was named Elizabeth. The eleven miniature pieces are hand beaded – a intricate time-consuming style of the South American art. They are the typical colors of their bright culture and are housed on an earthen colored pottery saucer that is a backdrop to the Holy Family and attending figures. A very special gift to me from “Queen” Elizabeth.