#595 Thermos Cup and Lid

Acquired 2011

I'm always looking for nativities that are different to add to the collection. This one is one of those that would rank at the top of the list. A gift to me from Evelyn, Cynthia, and Rose at our office Christmas party 2011, this is a thermos mug - and, of course, for me it would be a coffee mug! With a silicone lid, it holds 10 oz. and is decorated with a nativity scene! The Holy family, including the donkey, and the sheep adorn the front of the cup. The Star of Bethlehem rests above the Holy Family and states “Joy to the World”. It repeats on the back - so no matter which way you turn it you can always be reminded, while drinking a cup of coffee, that Jesus has come to be the Savior of the world! I love this unique piece. Thank you, girls.