#485 Heartwood Creek “Holy Night” Figurines

Acquired 2007

Jim Shores highly collectable imaginative pieces capture the wondrous night when the miracle of the first Christmas burned bright. In this tall wood block design, the stone resin figurines are deftly painted by hand. The six pieces of 4” square range from 17” to 20” high. Each tall block, as a piece of the nativity story, contains a part of the story inscribed in each robe.The “Gift of Love” is the first king carrying his gift of gold. In his robe is pictured the three kings and camel coming to the Christ Child. The second king is the “Gift of Hope” as he brings his gift of frankincense. In his robe is depicted the angels singing “Gloria In Excelsis In the Highest” as they announce the message to the shepherds who were watching their flocks by night. The third king bring his gift of myrrh and is named the “Gift of Caring” In his robe is depicted the star over Bethlehem, the Holy Family, and the shepherds. The shepherd titled “Holy Night” is bringing his lamb to the Christ Child and in his robe is a sheep and his flock. The angels are hovering over the sheep making the announcement that the King has been born. Mary and Joseph are separate pieces, but their robes can be matched together to create one block. On Joseph's robe is the journey to Bethlehem. Mary, holding her precious child, has in her robe the journey to Bethlehem while she was with child riding on the donkey. Bob ordered this set for me for Christmas 2006. Unfortunately, not all the pieces arrived and because the set was not complete, it had to be returned. Twelve months later the pieces appeared in the same catalog, and we ordered early enough to ensure that we would receive the entire set. The entire set is called Holy Night, by Heartwood Creek, from Touchtone Catalog. Purchase price $415.00.