#629 Carolers Nativity by Byer's Choice

Acquired 2013

From small beginnings in the late 1960's, the Byers family now oversees a team of 180 artisans in Pennsylvania who handcraft these same creations that started out on the dining room table many years ago. The company's pieces are now sold world-wide but still hold to its founding roots: quality products that serve others with the Spirit of Christmas. Byer's Choice is known mostly for the Caroling Dolls but have issued nativity sets that are then discontinued after a period of time. This new nativity collection was just released this year - 2013.Starting in 2013 with the Holy Family, shepherd, shepherd boy, donkey, lamb, and the large 14” three-piece backdrop, the wise men and additional figures will be added in subsequent years. I will have to watch for them! The human figures are all handcrafted in Pennsylvania, and the fluffy animal figures are handcrafted in Taiwan. Purchased through Yonder Star, the set was featured “on sale” at $399.00, a savings of $60. Purchased May 2013.Since then, I visited Bethlehem, PA, where Buyer's Choice is located. We had a tour of their amazing facility as they were making the pieces. Then we visited their lovely Christmas Gallery. It was a perfect time to add a piece to my collection, the drummer boy. Purchase price. $79. October 2016.