#835 Tin Mini Box Nativity

Acquired 2018

I was gifted another tin nativity from Mexico. This darling small box, 2” x 4” decorative box houses the ten colorful, tin figures of the nativity family. Included are the standard Mexico culture pieces: Mary, Joseph, Baby, angel, three kings, and three animals. (There is hardly ever a shepherd in the Mexican culture nativity because of their honor of the three kings on January 6th of each year.) The colorful tin pieces in this box stand up on their own to create the scene. This piece was given to me by the leader of the volunteer Mexican dancing group I met at one of my Open Houses. She and her staff preserve the culture of the Mexican dance and costume representing each state in Mexico. These talented children and teen dancers, from Fairview School, performed for our employee Christmas dinner in 2017. I had them dance, once again, for our Old Fisherman’s Camper Club Christmas Party, and it was at that event that I was given this set. Gifted to me, December 2018.