#136 Swarovski Silver Crystal

Acquired 1995

I have been eyeing this very expensive elegant miniature set for several years. Bob decided I should have it as an anniversary gift in November 1995. The Swarovski Silver Crystal Collection comprised of full-lead crystal is cut to perfection with masterly craftsmanship. Multifaceted Silver Crystal reflects radiance and brilliance with each cut. The nativity includes The Holy Family and the arch stable. The purchase price is $250.Swarovski added to this set in 1996, but I couldn't add it at that time. In 1998, I decided it was time to complete this exquisite set, but I found that the pieces had been discontinued and were no longer available on the market. However, Keller's gave me the name of the secondary market Swarovski Collector's Club. After many phone calls all over the country, I did find the pieces, but they were expensive. A collector broker told me to wait for income tax time, sometimes prices are down at that time. But time got away from me and I forgot to do that. I told Bob and Janine that, for Christmas, I would like to have these pieces to complete my set.For Christmas 1999, with Bob's instructions, Janine got on the internet and made several connections finding and purchasing (for Bob!) all the missing pieces. They include:Wise men, $227Angel, $165Shepherd, $95The angel and shepherd, the hardest of the pieces to find, were purchased from Pierce Interiors, Chicago, IL.