#866 Gold Silver Nativity with Kings

Acquired 2020

While visiting the Holmes County Amish Country in Ohio, I saw a Christmas store in Millersburg, OH. Naturally, I wanted to stop. Called Tis the Season, it is Ohio’s largest Christmas store, and I was overwhelmed with the beauty – so many trees elegantly styled and decorated in many different themes. It was the nicest Christmas Shop I’ve ever visited except for Bronner’s in Michigan. Needless to say, I asked where the nativity section was. When the store manager learned I collect nativities she was wonderfully accommodating. I had already seen a nativity in their outside discount shop at half price, so I asked her about it. She went out a get it for me and told me it also had three kings on camels that accompany the set but purchased separately. She took me to their downstairs floor and found the display of the three kings. They were large, elegant, not on sale, and “pricy”, so I ignored them. However, my precious husband did not and insisted I add them. Now that we are home and set them up for display, I’m grateful that he was persistent. There are 10 pieces total with the three kings. While no manufacture information was provided, they seem to be made of resin with actual fabric that was painted and hardened as the clothing for the figures. The coloring is gold and silver and very stunning. The set includes Mary, Joseph, and the Babe, also an angel, a shepherd holding the lamb, and an amazing donkey and cow. Separately, are the three elegant kings on camels. The purchase price for the seven main pieces was originally $179.00, marked down to $105.60 and ½ price of that in the outside discount store. I paid $52.80. The three kings at regular price were $275.95. Total price, $361.75. Purchased July 2020.