#531 White Christmas

Acquired 2008

This beautiful piece, spelling Christmas, depicts the Holy Family dressed in white nestled in the base of the letter “C” for Christmas. The star is at the top of the “C” right over Baby Jesus. It is a lighted nativity with a bottom switch and, when lit, casts a beautiful blue haze over the Holy Family. This was given to me by Katie, my niece and godchild, on the opening day of our 2008 Nativity Open House. True to her tradition, she honors me with a nativity Christmas gift always at the beginning of the Nativity Open House. This year our extended family agreed not to exchange gifts and buy for a needy family instead. Therefore, I didn't anticipate a gift from Katie - but I was honored anyway! Katie found this nativity at Beardsley's Bible Bookstore on December 11, 2008.