#38 Clay Teissedre

Acquired 1991

I first saw this set in San Diego in 1990 but didn't purchase it at that time. I ran across this same set in the airport in Salt Lake City - a stopover on our way home from Sonny & Dee's in June 1991. The place of business was Air Terminal Gifts. After arriving home and deciding to purchase this set, I called and ordered it. When it arrived (insured), the base was broken, and they graciously replaced that for me. My purchase price was $193.50. The set is made of clay. It was available in two colors. I chose the rust and turquoise set. The stable itself is a clay base and Indian backdrop. The Indian motif pieces include three kings, shepherd, angel, camel and donkey, the papoose Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. A lady of the Cochiti Indian tribe in New Mexico, is generally given credit for creating the first Indian Storyteller. Her grandfather who gathered the children up in his lap to tell them stories and legends of their Indian Heritage inspired her. That is the inspiration behind these Teissedre pieces. The originals in the Teissedre figures are sculpted in clay by Cleo Teissedre. The final images are hand cast in Desert Stone and individually painted by the artists at Teissedre Designs.