#820 Guanajuato, Mexico Cruise Nativity

Acquired 2018

Twelve of us girls, family, and close friends. went on three-day Carnival Cruise for my sister’s, Pennie, 60th birthday. Our only, off the ship stop, was in Ensenada. We enjoyed our tour of the Buffa Dora and the shopping area around there. However, to get back on the ship it “just so happens” you go through another tourist gift shop area. While I made my way back to the ship, my sister, Carole, decided to shop one last time. While I had passed right by this little area to get on the ship, my sister stopped to look at their items and found this darling childlike ten-piece hand-painted pottery Mexican styled nativity set. What makes this set so unique is the folk style personalized painting by the Mexican artist, Cacher. Not only are the pieces painted differently, but he has captured the awe of the birth of Jesus with the “Ohhh” mouth formed facial feature. While Carole knows I don’t need more nativity sets, she couldn’t resist the sweetness of this darling set and honored me with it. July 2018.