#792 Lehman's Amish Nativity

Acquired 2017

Locally made in the Amish area of Ohio, and exclusively just for Lehman's, this Amish character display is a beautiful reminder of the season and the culture of this special people. All the eight nativity characters don the Amish black headpieces and/or hats. Even Baby Jesus has his Amish hat, shirt, and pants with suspenders. The Amish shepherd holds a baby lamb, and the Amish kings each are bringing the fruits of their farming efforts - a basket of vegetables from the garden, a bottle of milk from the dairy, and a chicken from the poultry farm. Also included in the set is a cow, donkey, and a sheep.I found this set in the Lehman's mail order catalog and ordered it online with my tablet while resting in my hotel room bed in Bethlehem, PA. I can be in bed and still spend money! Modern technology. Purchase price, $59.99. October 2017. When visiting Holmes County, Ohio, one of the main Amish areas, we were able to visit Lehman's Store on July 17, 2020. While there, I didn't see the nativity set, but learned from one of their staff, that one of their long-time employees of over 30 years, Debbie T., created and spear headed the Lehman Nativity set! She was off the day of our visit, so I didn't get to personally meet her. Also, for privacy stipulations, they couldn't give me her last name. But the conversation certainly gave more significance to this unique set.