#702 This Home Believes

Acquired 2015

This wood carved wall piece brings us to our testimony - that Bob and I believe in the Christ of the Christmas Manger - that He came to show us the Father, pay the price for our sins by giving His life, and showering us with His blessings and coming Eternal Life by His Resurrection. In this worldly system in which we live, it behooves us to radiate and speak of our faith.The piece was designed by a pastor from North Carolina about five years ago. The wood carver that I met, Lyndal Hutcherson, has taken his creation, added a gold painted star and a white inset of the nativity with a dark blue background. Lyndal is from Carrollton, TX, and was a vendor at the FOTC Convention I attended in Houston, TX, October 2015. Purchase price, $35.